Domina Alexa

As a Gentleman, you appreciate discretion? Then you are on the true path to fulfil your wishes and desires. I am representing conventional dominance with its many sides, with dedication down to the very last detail. Trough many years of experience as a dominatrix, I have brought my skills to perfection. We meet each other in a game full of individuality and imagination.

I am personifying eroticism, a raving beauty and mastery – qualities money can’t buy. This is my passion, my life.… in bizarre sessions serves solely my own satisfaction. I am in total control, at any time. Passiveness does not exist in my world, neither does physical intimacy between us. Verbal dominance and premium accessories will make your dreams, wishes and affections come true – as a slave, patient or object. As a mistress, I love to harm you and bring your blood to the boil. In your ecstasy you will beg and worship me – and that is what you want, what you need. So take a chance and step into our joint bizarre world.

My clients can be experienced bondsman or novice in the bizarre game. Important to me is, that you are aware of your own affections, taboos and fears, at least a whit. I adjust myself especially to you. For that reason, it is essential to have professional conversation before a session.


Many slaves and slave candidates, they are very confused about 24/7 slavery. They think that they may have to abandon everything and have to live in a cage or a cell their whole life. that is not the sort of private slave I'm looking for. the private 24/7 slave I'm looking for, must have a job and social life and he will serve me only after he finish with his daily obligations. If you are retired or have your own income and you don't have to work also in that case I will use u to the maximum keeping you busy. I'm not looking for an idiot who needs to be caged the whole day. The cage will be your own home next to my bed, but only when you sleep. A slave must be all the day active, productive and useful to his owner. so if you have a job and career which keeps you busy many hours every day, there is no need to worry ! Im also very busy with my work and busy lifestyle. so you will keep your job and career and you will be allow to see your friends and family. yet in your private life with me, you will be a real total slave ! Always ! Not just a sub ! A slave ! There is a huge difference ! You will be a living object to be used by me in any way I desire. in the street you will behave like in any vanilla relationship, but always you will be submissive and be aware of what you really are to me ! But in private or around people who are also into this lifestyle then you will be treated always as a real slave ! I'm getting many applications from slaves who want to serve me 24/7. Yet I'm very selective to who I will give the honour to wear my collar. if you are not able or willing to travel and meet me in person and be tested as a 24/7 slave, then don't apply ! Slaves crawl towards me ! I don't go to meet them ! The 24/7 slave test will be a hard one. physically and mentally. i need to see if you have the potentials to be the slave I'm looking for and also chemistry between us is also important. most of the slaves and so called " slaves ", they cannot do even the 10% of what they claim ! Reality is different than fantasy ! If your dream is to spend your life beneath me as my private 24/7 slave, send me a polite slave application. include a face picture and tell me about your previous slave experience and current daily life and situation. don't dare to tell me that you want to be my slave but you are married ! And if your application is deserving my time, I will get in touch with you.

Looking for a relationship totally submissive slave and couple slave 24/7 to put into practice the fiercest fantasy,waiting message from the determined.

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