Domina Alexa

As a Gentleman, you appreciate discretion? Then you are on the true path to fulfil your wishes and desires. I am representing conventional dominance with its many sides, with dedication down to the very last detail. Trough many years of experience as a dominatrix, I have brought my skills to perfection. We meet each other in a game full of individuality and imagination.

I am personifying eroticism, a raving beauty and mastery – qualities money can’t buy. This is my passion, my life.… in bizarre sessions serves solely my own satisfaction. I am in total control, at any time. Passiveness does not exist in my world, neither does physical intimacy between us. Verbal dominance and premium accessories will make your dreams, wishes and affections come true – as a slave, patient or object. As a mistress, I love to harm you and bring your blood to the boil. In your ecstasy you will beg and worship me – and that is what you want, what you need. So take a chance and step into our joint bizarre world.

My clients can be experienced bondsman or novice in the bizarre game. Important to me is, that you are aware of your own affections, taboos and fears, at least a whit. I adjust myself especially to you. For that reason, it is essential to have professional conversation before a session.

miercuri, 18 septembrie 2013

Mistress Domina Alexa

Mistress Domina Alexa

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